Milestone II

Develop an attractive About Us and Blog page for a website, incorporating at least four different content blocks. Additionally, each team member must create an engaging blog post that provides valuable content to the target audience. The blog post should be well-researched, and original, and include links, media elements, and easy-to-read content.

Criteria for the About Us Page

Content Blocks

Create at least four distinct sections for the “About Us” page. Possible sections could be our mission, values, our team, and partners. Please find ideas for content blocks on the About Us page.


The “Our Team” section must be written in HTML. This block should feature team member names, photos, company roles, and links to your profile pages.

Design and Layout
  • Ensure the page is visually appealing with appropriate spacing between content blocks.
  • Use headings, images, and paragraphs to create a balanced and readable layout.
  • Pay attention to font styles, colors, and alignments to enhance the overall design.

Content Quality

Write original and engaging content, and provide information that reflects the company’s identity and values.

Generic, AI-generated value propositions or mission statements are not considered high-quality content.

Criteria for the Blog

Display your blog posts on an appealing blog page, each page should at least have three to four posts (depending on the number of team members you have). The page should show a preview of your blog posts, with a featured image, a title, an excerpt, and a read more, or continue to read link or button.


Each team member should create a post. The posts should include media, text, and links to internal or external sources. The posts should contain appealing, and valuable content tailored to your target audience. Please read the Google Content Quality guidelines to see if your content is high-quality.

Organize your post with headings and subheadings, add a category to each post, tags, and a featured image. The main content of the blog posts should be original. AI can be used to brainstorm ideas, improve grammar, or summarize information, but blog posts with only AI content are not desirable. Read the Blog Page to gain more insight.

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