Threads is a new social media platform that was launched in July 2023 by Instagram. The new social app was downloaded 150 million times at the launch, making it the most successful launch of social media applications in history. Threads is designed to be like Twitter. Threads is a text-based platform, and users can post threads of up to 500 characters, and add videos or images. Threads can be public or private, and users can also choose to share their threads with specific people or groups. Threads was created to compete with X. The initial interest in Threads died down one month after its launch. Currently, the application has less than 100 million active users.


Download Threads. What do you think about Threads? Will it become a successful social media channel?
Compare the X application with Threads. What differences can you observe in the UI? Which application has more exciting features?

Give five recommendations to integrate new features into the platform.

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